Monday, October 5, 2015

IUI #6 Outcome and ANSWERS!!

I'll just get right to it: IUI #6 was not successful, so I kept my consultation with my fertility specialist. If #6 was not successful, he wanted to review everything and discuss next steps - IVF.

Before even mentioning IVF he said that he noticed something about all of the data from the last 6 IUIs.  He confirmed what I had been rolling around in my head: Only 2 of the 6 IUIs were done when I ovulated on my right side - 1 of those 2 times, I got pregnant.  That, coupled with the fact that my HSG (dye test) from last year revealed that the dye VERY easily got through the right tube but took MUCH longer (like 15 minutes) to get through the left tube, leads him to believe that I may have a blockage in my left tube, making it more difficult to achieve pregnancy when I ovulate on the left side. Just to recap: 4 out of the 6 IUIs were ovulation on the left (bad side).

Since he affirmed my suspicion about the tube, I also mentioned that since giving birth to my daughter, I have had at least 3 nurses/doctors tell me that they had a very difficult time getting to my cervix because of my tilted uterus. My question was that if they were having a hard time finding it, was the sperm having a hard time too? Was this the reason why we might not be getting pregnant on our own? He told me that since a tilted uterus is not a problem for most, he can't confirm my suspicions but definitely wouldn't rule it out. So, there is a chance that the sperm is having a hard time getting to and through my cervix.

Sorry for saying "sperm" so much ;)

My doctor said that we could try a few more IUIs where they would treat me as if I had a blocked tube, so any cycles where ovulation is happening on my "bad" side, would be cancelled. The downside is that we obviously have no idea when I will ovulate on the right side again, so we may be waiting a while for another IUI attempt.

We also discussed all of the IVF options... regular/fresh cycle ($14k), freeze all/embryo transfer ($17k), and freeze all/genetic testing ($20k). Yikes!

I slept on all of this information and had decided that if it were my choice, we would just move forward with a regular/fresh cycle of IVF. I was tired of waiting. I had mentally prepared for IVF anyway. We have been saving for this...

Then, I presented all of the options to my husband and he was not comfortable moving forward with IVF without giving IUI on the "good side" another shot.

I was a little shocked by his preference (I thought he would let me decide. ha!), but it immediately felt like the right thing to do.  I really was counting on his voice of reason as this is a much more emotional decision for me.

Now that the decision has been made, I have been able to process the discussion with my doctor and am feeling so much relief.  Even though these are just theories about why we haven't been able to get pregnant since tests can't really confirm that these are the actual barriers to our success, I feel like I FINALLY have some answers. I have researched and guessed about some physical reason as to why this has been such a struggle for us and am so relieved to finally have SOMETHING to blame, but more importantly, something specific to pray about!

The coolest part about any of this is that I was telling my sister about the doctor appointment and the first thing that she said is that she has been praying that I would get some answers!  I LOVE answered prayers!

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