Thursday, July 30, 2015

Digging for Treasure

There are some seasons in life where the gifts and the treasures are so bright and shiny that they blind you at every turn.  Everything is going right.  You have everything you have ever wanted.  Even your relationship with the Lord is stronger than ever.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), these seasons don't last.  We are eventually tested.  The bright and shiny gifts in our lives lose their luster or become hidden.

In these times of trials, it's so important that we don't sit back and wait for it to pass or wallow in some pity party.  The truth is that these are the times that count the most.  And these are the times that we might have to dig for those treasures and fight for joy and our faith.

As radical as it may sound, I've often thought of infertility as a gift because of all the good that the Lord is doing in my life that might otherwise not be done if it weren't for this trial, this season.  But all good things come from the Lord and infertility is not a good gift.  It's actually contradictory to God's commandment to "go forth and multiply" (among others).  It's not God's will for my life.  Don't get me wrong - I am SO looking forward to this season ending.  Isn't that the BEST news?  This season WILL end.  In one way or another, it will end and we will move onto another season. Hopefully, that season will be one where I am always holding at least one, precious newborn baby.  But if it's not the season that I'm praying for, I trust the Lord enough to know that it will be something good.  When He closes a door, He opens another.

God PROMISES that He will work all things for our good and for His glory.  When I look back on this season, I will always see that.  I'll be able to see a time where I was able to work on my marriage, grow closer to the Lord, cultivate godly friendships, study the Word, focus on my precious little girl and not miss a moment of her precious early years.  

While this is the way that I feel right now, I want you to know that there were times that I was having a pity party.  There were times that I couldn't see any bright and shiny gifts.  But Jesus never left me, and He alone shined His beautiful light on all the work He was doing.  He gives good gifts to His children.  Sometimes we just have to look for them, like digging for buried treasure.  And to me, those are the best gifts because they are the little reminders that He keeps His promises, that He loves me, that He is for me, and that He's with me.

Dear Jesus, thank you that you are always working things for our good and Your glory.  Thank you that you have conquered infertility and that it does not define my life.  Thank you that you have written a beautiful story, just for me, and that this is just a short chapter. Please help me to see all of the gifts that you give me.  I don't want to miss a single one.  Lord, I lift up every woman, every family that is in a season of infertility.  I pray that they are seeking you in this dark time and that they find rest in You. Thank you that you are working infertility for their good and Your glory.  Thank you that you are by their side, showing them in many ways that You are for them, that you are with them, and You will never leave. Today, and every day, I ask that you give us our hearts' desire.  Please bless our wombs with precious babies.  We give you all the glory.  In Jesus' precious name, Amen!

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